Love, Rosie

lrWriting this while hearing Matt White – Falling in Love (With My Best Friend) I interest to write about Rosie and Alex’s story after read one of my friend’s moment in Path. It was boring night and then i looked for my film folder then found this film. It’s quite interesting, the story line is simple. You could find this story on your everyday. But it’s packed beautifully so you can capture life’s message in it. Meet Rosie and Alex on her nearly thirty, when Rosie as his best friend speech in his wedding as the bestman. Then the scene made us jump to twelve years ago, when Rosie in her 18, get drunk and unconciously kissed Alex. The day after, Alex come to Rosie’s home to explain what happened last night but Rosie said right away that she wished it never happened. The scene move on the beach party when Rosie tell Alex that a boy, named Greg also the fittest guy in their grade ask her to school dance, wich actually she reject. But then Alex also said that a girl named Bethany who is out of his league also aks him for school dance. Then they went to the school dance with a partner who they didn’t wish actually. At this scene you can see the beginning of how their trully feeling for each other. On the night of the dance party, provoked by Alex’s enthuasiasm toward Bethany, Rosie agrred to Greg invitation to have a night together. Then, condom accident happened, Rosie have to call Alex to help her to the hospital. The days after, Rosie got letter from Boston that she accepted as a student in the college she enrolled. She in rush run to Alex’s house only to hear what Alex doing with Bethany at his room. She even puked her clutch. Don’t wanna distrub Alex, she going home. She feeling unwell lately, so she go to the pharmacy asking for medicine. There then she meet Ruby as the children of the pharmacy owner who’s backing up her parents that day. Hear what indication Rosie told her, Ruby suggest Rosie to take pregnancy test. She did it then found out that she already pregnant, for Greg’s baby. It automatically will be impact for her plan to go out from her town. She made an appointment to meet Alex at restaurant to tell about the whole story. Then Alex come and tell his all story with Bethany. Rosie decide not to tell Alex about her pregnancy. She won’t Alex worried then won’t leave her side. Alex also accepted in Harvard as his plan.

At the departure day, Rosie sent Alex to the airport and promise that she will join him soon. Day by day, its come the time to Rosie delivered the baby. The baby was a girl, she named her Katie. Firstly, she planned to give her to the social service so she could catch up her former plan to leave her town. But when she look at her baby, she cancelled the plan and decide to take care her own baby. The other side, Alex then know about Rosie’s baby cause of Bethany accidently meet her in the sopping area with the baby. Alex back to the town for holiday, meet baby Katie and become godfather for Katie. He and Rosie become friend again. Alex also has girlfriend, rich blonde girl who he met at the bar. Rosie going to America to meet Alex and see how’s lofie he doing, and find out that his girlfriend pregnant. She then find out that his girlfriend snobb and arrogant. The night she ask them to the art exhibition held by her friend Herb. Rosie told Alex that they are not a good couple. Alex mad at Rosie, so did Rosie. She back to england with madness at Alex.

Then, at the very ordinary day Greg pop up. Shortly, Greg and Rosie agreed to married and raise Katie together.After the wedding, Rosie’s parent go to on a trip but then she received called from her mother that her father died. On the funeral day, Alex come but the have to face Greg’s drunken attitude in front of them. Alex sent Rosie a letter tha she deserve better than Greg, and he could became that guy. But the letter never found because Greg found it and hide it.

Lives goes on for Rosie and Alex. One day, Rosie meet Bethany who rent up a room in her workplace, she told Rosie she will be in America for job. Rosie told her, Alex is in America and she could call Alex. On Alex life’s, he found out that the baby of his girlfriend is not him but Herb. He decide to move out from his girlfriend home. On the anniversary day of her and Greg, she found out that Greg have booked one suit room for a night. She tought that it must be for their anniversary but then Greg called tha he can’t make home that night. Rosie and Ruby then looking for him at the hotel and see him with another girl. Rosie back home and clean up Greg’s thing from his home then finally found the letter from Alex. She was very happy to read that letter. Seems like she finally understand her feeling so did Alex. She decide to video calling Alex but instead of Alex, Bethany received the call and tell her that thei getting married. Rosie then aware, its too late to her to reach Alex.

Later, the scene back to nowdays. When Rosie have to catch up the flight to Alex wedding. Rosie is making a speech. She tells Alex she loves him in the speech, but quickly covers it up saying that it is only as a friend or brother/sister relationship. Rosie’s daughter Katie has brought a close friend named Toby with her on the trip and the two very much resemble a young Alex and Rosie in their deep love and friendship for each other. Toby kisses Katie and she goes outside, very distressed. Rosie and Alex comfort Katie and Alex tells her that she should go talk to Toby saying that if she rejects him now he will spend the rest of his life looking for someone to live up to her, but no-one ever will, all while Alex keeps eye contact with Rosie. Alex then tells Rosie that he didn’t realise until now that she doesn’t remember the kiss they shared on her 18th birthday.

Rosie now starts up her own hotel and she is pleasantly surprised when Alex arrives at the hotel. Alex tells Rosie that he has ‘no baggage’ and that he is no longer with Bethany. He then proceeds to tell her about a dream he had (his weird dreams being shared throughout the film, such as being the tip of an arrow, which no-one understands but Rosie) which consists of them being together. The two share a kiss.

The story is simple, but kinda sweet. We never know whatever chance pop on our life.

But thats life, fulled by mistery. When you deserved it, then you’ll get it.

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