Orange spiked Tofu Corn Tacos

Seems easy to do 😀

The Spicy Eggplant

A quick and easy way to make Vegan / Vegetarian Tofu Corn Tacos.


During my recent trip to the US, I purchased a packet of Gluten Free Corn Tacos.


These were super easy to use, and all I had to do was grill them on the BBQ for a couple of minutes.

Orange spiked Tofu 
Slice some extra firm tofu into long strips and grill them on a BBQ for a couple of minutes on each side.
In a pan, I heated up a little Avocado oil and orange juice, taken from a fresh orange and sprinkled some low sodium Taco spice mix. Add the Tofu strips and sprinkle some freshly chopped cilantro.


I should have taken the picture before I let people eat from my little Taco bar, but it slipped my mind.

I made some fresh Corn Salsa using grilled Corn kernels, and some vegan cheddar cheese that…

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