A cozy cottage retreat in the Turkish countryside

Love these terrace with pergola 😀

Small House Bliss

This cozy stone cottage in the Turkish countryside has one bedroom in roughly 650 sq ft. | www.facebook.com/SmallHouseBliss

Today Emre Şenoğlu is sharing with us his family’s vacation home in Urla on the Aegean coast of Turkey. The small stone cottage is roughly 8 m by 5 m and was designed by Emre’s father, architect Necdet Şenoğlu.

“The house I had in mind wasn’t an exact copy of the ‘village house’. It was something that belonged to this land, almost as if it was made out of the earth lying here.”

– Necdet Şenoğlu

We first came across this piece of land during a sightseeing trip. It was apparent that it once had gone through rich and abundant times. But it looked dull and abandoned now. The first thing we set out to do after buying the land was to take care of the trees. We took care of the walnut and olive trees, which cover most of the land. The tall poplar tree was like a beacon that…

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